About us

PSG Manufacturing Company is a modern enterprise which has a respective level of a manufacturing organization. We carry out various kinds of work: mechanic, welding, assembly and design. We produce various products of ferrous and nonferrous metals, as well as polymeric materials. We realize repairing, restoring and painting of product. All the pieces made or repaired at the enterprise, have necessary technical monitoring on their conformity to specification requirements and a designer documentation.

A routine practices of organization is make pieces after drawings which have been taken off from customer's products. They are in in common pieces of general machine building - shafts, axes, rollers, tooth gears, asterisks. If necessary, they are undergone any kind of hardening. Hardness testing on HB, HRC and HV is carried out by hardness measurer 54-459M. It is possible to cover these pieces with polymeric materials, as well as electroplating. The enterprise brand is put on all the manufactured pieces, so the manufacturer is just to find out.

The enterprise is equipped with the high-efficiency precision equipment of firm OKUMA and of firm LEADWELL.

In 2012, the company purchased new lathe PROMA SPI-1500 with the length of treatment is up to 1500mm.

In may and October 2011 was performed modernization of CNC rack milling and turning machines, installed rack NC21.

Since 2014, electrical discharge treatment section has been organized (machines series AR2300) Video1 Video2.

Our company has been submitted for the award of National mark of quality "The Choice of Russia" and is recognized as one of the best in the region and nominated as the winner of the national industry award "Import Substitution 2016."

Obuhovskoye, JSC recomended our company as a responsible and reliable partner in April, 2017.