Our partners

For today we work with the following firms:

1. CJSC "Philip Morris Izhora" - the tobacco company.
We make spare parts generally after customer's drawings. The nomenclature of effected production - shafts, tooth gears, axes, asterisks generally of ferrous materials. We make restoration polyurethanes and firm allow drums and rollers, modernization of the import equipment.

2. LLC "Ravioli" - manufacture of products of fast preparation.
We carry out regenerative works. We make spare parts, a cases of plexiglas. A significant share released for LLC "Ravioli" production make welded designs - screws, a cases, carriages, ladders. We work both with customer's drawings and with the drawings executed by our designers. The nomenclature released production - from shafts, tooth gears and asterisks up to large assembly. We make stamps for manufacture of the pel'menis, completely replacing import analogues. We work generally with nonferrous metals.

3. LLC "Nissan Manufacturing RUS" - Car production.
We are producing technical equipment and devices for car assembly.

4. LLC "Toyota Tsusho RUS" - import, installation and servise of car assembly equipment.
We are producing technical equipment and devices for car assembly according to the shetches and drawings.

5. Manufacture "ORIMI" - manufacture of tea and coffee.
We make spare parts, we carry out welding works. We perform design works. Development of the design documentation. The nomenclature of made production - from shaft, tooth gears and asterisks up to large assembly, we work with food steel, polymeric materials.

6. CJSC "SOLODOVENNY FACTORY OF SOUFFLE SPB" - preparation components for the brewing industry.

Also we make repair - regenerative works and manufacturing of spare parts for the following firms:

  1. LLC "ErgoProdaction" - manufacture of medical and laboratorial equipment.
  2. LLC "Vibrotechnik" - manufacture of laboratorial equipment for crushing and scattering different materials.