Photos of production

A routine practices of organization is make pieces after drawings which have been taken off from customer's products. They are in in common pieces of general machine building - shafts, axes, rollers, tooth gears, asterisks. If necessary, they are undergone any kind of hardening. Hardness testing on HB, HRC and HV is carried out by hardness measurer 54-459M. It is possible to cover these pieces with polymeric materials, as well as electroplating. The enterprise brand is put on all the manufactured pieces, so the manufacturer is just to find out.

There is also another direction of the enterprise activities - producing of pieces for special machine building, such as:

  • shafts of the big diameter and length
  • tooth gears with diameter up to 600 mm
  • steel screws for stirring and removing various spices, forcemeat and other components for food manufactures
  • screws, stars and templates of polymers for packaging conveyers used in food and perfume industry
  • needle-shaped drums for tobacco industry
  • dosing drums for tea industry
  • knives for slicing and mincing various materials

The enterprise also deals with manufacturing of boxes, cases and bent pieces of various shape and thickness sheets of any metal. Painting of such pieces is possible.

Some of the pieces are made of plexiglas: various sheet cases, bent pieces, swing arms and covers.

There is another nomenclature of the enterprise: casting for cases, flanges, swing arms, drums, knives for industrial meat grinders and others.

The enterprise executes any kinds of welding operations. A big amount of carriages for a workpieces washing, ladders for maintenance of large-scale machines and mechanisms like conveyers, screws, drums, etc. These pieces can be made both of ferrous, and stainless steel materials.

Different assembly operations are also effected by the enterprise. The number of details participating in one assembly may be of some hundred names.

We employ qualified professionals who can visit the customer to determine the volume, cost and terms of execution. If necessary, we can effect installation of the equipment at a customer's place.

The designing department gives any necessary design-engineering documentation. Designers execute drawings, both at the enterprise and a customer's place. Drawings may be taken both off removed details and running machines temporary stoped. We develop both separate details and large-scale units and sometimes we carry out interfering in to already existing technological line of the assembly unit being developed. Our designers use up to date computers with software AutoCad and Compass.